Youth Ministry

Welcome to the PacNWC Youth Ministry Network

The purpose of the Youth Ministry Network is to promote healthy Youth Ministry by helping Youth Workers be known, connected, and resourced. We accomplish this through these primary tasks:

Networks | Events | Cohorts | Coaching | Resources


Network Meetings

Youth workers gather in clusters each month for encouragement, support and prayer. With our continuing need for social distancing, we have put together a plan for virtual meetings until further notice. 

    Network Leaders

    These Network Leaders are here to serve you.  Contact them any time with questions or for support.

    • North Puget Sound Cluster: N/A
    • Seattle Cluster: Tim Anderson – Creekside Covenant, and Mark Neely – Pine Lake Covenant
    • Oregon Cluster: Kristi Smith – Milwaukie Covenant
    • Tacoma/Olympia Cluster: Matt Knapp – Harbor Covenant
    • East WA, ID and MT Cluster: N/A


    Annual Youth Ministry Events

    Annual Conference Events

    Youth Commission

    The purpose of the Youth Commission is to encourage and support the integral role of youth ministry and youth workers within Pacific Northwest Conference churches.  The Youth Commission works with churches, pastors, youth workers, and camps overseeing all of PacNWC youth ministry including retreats, scholarships, events, budget, internet, and more.

    • Brianne Fenton – Shoreline Covenant Church
    • Diane Levitt – Pine Lake Covenant, Treasurer
    • Jessica Ronhaar – Arlington United Church, Secretary
    • Kari Williams – Radiant Covenant Church
    • Kristi Smith – Milwaukie Covenant Church
    • Matt Knapp – Harbor Covenant Church
    • Tim Anderson – Crossroads Covenant Church
    • Mark Neely – Pine Lake Covenant Church

    Youth Ministry Cohorts

    Get involved in a 9 month long cohort of youth workers who are learning how to grow themselves and their ministries together.  These cohorts will involve meeting monthly with the same group of people for book studies, teaching, connection and encouragement.

    [Click Here] to learn about the Youth Ministry Cohorts

    One on One Coaching

    Coaching is the act of coming alongside another to support them in their journey.  Our coaches are trained and ready to help you through the highs and lows of life in youth ministry.  Topics are set by coachee and can include personal coaching, long term coaching, advising on specific youth ministry programs and goals, and processing difficult situations.

    [Click Here] to learn more about One on One Coaching


    As we grow together as PacNWC youth workers we discover we have a lot to share.  Check out the growing list of pages below dedicated to sharing resources around specific topics.

    Events in a Box

    These event in a box resource developed during quarantine to replace our retreats and events.  It contains everything you need to program a retreat in person, online or via hybrid schedule.  The video messages and small group guides also make great midweek curriculum resources. 

    Out of the Ashes | Once Upon a Thunder | Invitation to Mosaic

    Racial Reconciliation Resources Page 

    This page was developed following our 2016 Youth Ministry Network Retreat.

    Community Building Resources Page 

    This page was developed following our 2016 Youth Ministry Network Retreat.

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