Welcome to PacCast the podcasting headquarters for the Pacific Northwest Conference.  Here you will find a variety of content from around our conference.

One series is the "Big 5" by Dawn Taloyo from the PacNWC office.  She is interviewing PacNWC pastors asking them to respond to the same five questions.  The hope is this will allow us to get to know these pastors better and know how to pray with them.  Listen to Dawn's introduction to the series first, and then check out the latest episode below.  

You can see all the episodes in the series by clicking on the archive list below.

Big 5 Introduction

Hear an introduction to what the Big 5 is all about.

Most Recent Episode:

Big 5 with Mike King

Pastor Mike is the new lead pastor of Suburban Christian Church in Corvallis, OR. He is ordained in the ECC, though currently serving a non-Covenant Church.  This was my first meeting with him and I wanted to introduce him to our conference.  Side note, since recording this interview, Mike and his family closed on a house in Corvallis and are moving in this month.

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