Lessons From A Church In Zombie Land

Lessons From A Church In Zombie Land

By Rob Bryceson, Lead Pastor, The Gathering House, Spokane, WA

Tonia and I came to Spokane in the summer of 2008. By November we found ourselves working in a dying, downtown church surrounded by homeless people, addicts, mentally ill, and those suffering under generational poverty. Within a year we opened our doors to the neighborhood inviting them to come in. That’s when the adventure really began.

This is our story – Lessons From A Church In Zombie Land. If you read this book, it will make you will laugh, you will get angry, you will be moved to sadness, and you might rethink your own church experiences. I’ve put the opening page below as a sample.

If you’re interested I would greatly appreciate if you would get a copy, leave a review on the site, and help spread the word.

Lessons From A Church In Zombie Land is the true story of how one pastor, transplanted from an affluent area of California through a shocking twist of events, was found serving in a downtown church among the homeless, addicted, broken and afflicted.

These accounts are his observations from the underside of civilization. This volume is the story of unlearning preconceived notions about what church should be and what working among those on the lowest rung of society is actually like, all the while learning to navigate the swamps of poverty culture.

These stories are often hilarious, sometimes poignant, frequently angering, but always thought-provoking. Rob Bryceson takes us on an intrepid ride of faith and adventure, with several miraculous twists and turns, as he shares the story of one downtown church coming alive from among the dead.


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