From the Superintendent for January 2018

From the Superintendent for January 2018

By Greg Yee, Superintendent, PacNWC

Happy 2018!  I trust that you had a wonderful Christmas.  I’ve heard and seen so many good reports from around the conference including neighbors served, needs being met, people turning their lives over to Jesus, churches coming together, beautiful music being savored, kids looking heart-meltingly cute, multi-lingual services shared…so much!  I pray that this Christmas spirit – the reality of God With Us – would continue with great Holy Spirit momentum into the new year.

For me, I’m excited about ministry development and church planting.  I am writing this while attending the Chinese Mission Conference in Ontario, CA.  It’s been a fantastic way to end 2017.  I’m attending with the single purpose of finding ministry partners and/or church planters to reach the Chinese-speaking in the PacNW.  I know that many of our churches are in neighborhoods that have seen sizable Chinese growth.  I long for us to be part of God’s action among the Chinese (and also East Indian!).  I want to remind us that we are “doubling down” on ministry development/church planting in general this year with the ongoing work of our coaches (Russ Blake, Mark Meredith, Rob Fairbanks), contracted work with Esau Del Arca to lead Latino ministry growth, and the start of our new Conference Coach, Peter Sung, who will oversee planting.  I’m really excited! I can’t wait to see what God will show us!  I long for more people to be reached and for all of our communities to be transformed through new ministries in your churches and with new plants.  But I know nothing will happen without us praying and fasting.  PacNWC, please join me in regularly doing so.  In addition to other times and ways you might pray and fast, I want to invite you to join me in calendering something specific.  I will set my phone alarm to 9:38PM as a reminder to pray Matthew 9:38 (Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the Harvest…).  I will also calendar a weekly fast through March and then reassess.  Let’s keep it real, Mission Friends.  New Years blessings to you, yours, and your church.  May Jesus continue to be glorified.  Happy New Years!

Greg Yee


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