From the Superintendent for February 2018

From the Superintendent for February 2018

By Greg Yee, Superintendent, PacNWC

A new chapter begins in the Covenant Church with the announcement of our presidential nominee John Wenrich this week.  Please see the official announcement (here).  But the most important detail was not noted!  What John is most famous and appreciated for is hiring our very own Erik Cave almost 20 years ago when he was at First Portland!  We also thank our own Gail Ohta (conference chair) and Dwain Tissell (Executive Board) who were part of the 27-member Presidential Search Committee.  They did a lot of overtime and we are grateful. And thank you all for praying over the entire process.

As we lean into this transition, we recognize that a sense of disorientation often sets in.  I know some of us felt it immediately.  There were different opinions being shared, concerns expressed, and outstanding questions standing over the unknown.  But what also comes with transitions are opportunities to take a fresh look at who we are.  How has God shaped us to this point?  What has been our current missional trajectory where the Spirit has been leading us?  I am particularly grateful for the senior leadership of the Covenant that consists of the Covenant Office Leadership Team (COLT) and the Council of Superintendents (COS).  It has been a personal joy and blessing to work alongside these wise and gifted people.  I love how we’ve lived into our mosaic vision expressed in the team’s make up.  Within the core members, half of us are women and people of color – 10 of the 20.  John inherits a solid team.  So far, we have much to learn still – that’s clear.  It also teaches us that God’s hand has been upon us and he gives us a very special gift in this family we call the Covenant.

My spirit is heavy as we stand at this juncture of transition – this holy point in time.  For me, it is a time of recommitment.  Our vision is to be a mosaic of churches working interdependently together to transform lives and communities.  We live this out together as 78 churches through our three mission priorities: starting new churches, strengthening churches, and supporting our pastors.  I want to keep doing that.  I believe God is still calling us to keep doing that.  I urge us to draw deep from the well of our lives in Christ and allow this time of transition to draw us closer and push us forward.  Transitions teach us a lot.  Let us remain prayerfully focused on the things God has already been calling us to.

I hear God’s voice through Paul to us as he spoke them to the church in Philippi, …being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus…

Pray for the church and now for John and Julie Wenrich.  Make plans to send delegates to the annual meeting in Minneapolis.  Lord what will you have for us here in the PacNWC?  Here we are, Lord…here we are…

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