Emerge College Cohort

Are you a college student who...

  • Needs to connect with other Christians?

  • Would benefit from an adult mentor?

  • Can't afford to move out?

We Can Help

Supportive Cohort.  The Emerge College Cohort will be a safe, supportive and encouraging place for college students to find connection with other believers and a local church.   It will focus on developing missional discipleship through weekly gatherings, retreats, mentoring and local church involvement

Quality Mentoring.  Support for the college years is often overlooked.  An Emerge Area Pastor will lead the Emerge Cohort.  This person will guide the meetings, meet with each student monthly and check in with host families.

Inexpensive Host Homes.  Optional host homes are available for minimal cost.  They are associated with partner churches, recommended by pastors and put through thorough background checks.  Students are expected to attend and serve at their partner churches.

No College, No Problem.  The Cohort is open to all college age young adults regardless if they are attending college or staying in a host home.

Our first cohort will be in the Portland area beginning this Fall.

More Details

Get Ahead


Every week, our students meet in a cohort with their Area Pastor.  The cohort will focus on developing missional discipleship, life skills and spiritual leadership.  Together in their cohort, students walk through a life curriculum designed to help them gain some essential skills for living such as learn and understand how money works and how to manage their personal finances.  They’ll learn some of the historic spiritual disciplines and spend time reading the Bible. 


College is the first time in a young person’s life that they’re free to manage their time and go off on adventures.  Several times during the year, Emerge students come together for growth adventures designed to help students experience the broader world around them while teaching them some necessary life skills.  

Students will volunteer 10 hours a week of their time in their local church.  This could be volunteering in Jr. High Ministry, Children’s Ministry, helping lead worship, serving as a tech, or helping with the upkeep of a church facility.  We want Emerge students to be connected within their local church and to experience the blessing of serving.




Emerge Students are paired up with a Mentor from within their local church.  This person is different than the Emerge Pastor in the life of our students.  The Mentor is there to regularly sit down and talk about the students’ life.  We encourage our mentors to speak into the lives of our students and to be their biggest fan.  Every student needs several adults who are crazy about them who are not their mom and dad.  Our Mentors are in the lives of students to encourage and offer their own life wisdom.


Our Emerge Pastors are loving and caring adults who want to be in the lives of college students.  They have a heart to see emerging adults grow up and into all that God has created them to be.  For this reason, the Emerge Pastor is the guide that will walk with our students through their time with Emerge. 

Emerge Pastors will lead the Emerge Cohort.  They will guide the meetings, meet with each student monthly and check in with host families.  They connect with student’s parents as well, sharing some general prayer requests and program goals to keep parents informed.

Move Out


Emerge participants will be offered the optional opportunity to live in a host home for the year at minimal cost.  Moving away from home might be the single biggest catalyst in a students’ growth as they begin college.  Each host home is recommended by the pastoral staff of a local Covenant church and goes through a background check before students enter the home.  Host homes participate in host home training and are followed up with through out the school year. 

At the beginning of the school year, every student walks through our Host Home Expectations that outline how to graciously live with a new family for the school year.  We encourage our students to do their best to learn about their host family and to participate in their lives.  The relationship between the host family and our students is key and we’ll do everything we can do help students and host home have a great experience.

Go to College


Students will enroll in the college of their choice in the Portland area.  Ideally, several Emerge students will be attend the same school near their partner churches.  We are recommending Clackamas or Portland Community Colleges because they are accessible financially and close by.  College age young adults not attending college are welcome to participate.

The term Community College is an oxymoron.  Students often find that it’s difficult to find real community at Community College because of the commuter nature of the school.  Emerge Cohort creates a loving community for Community College students within the local church and on campus.   With Emerge Cohort, our Campus Pastors act as Academic Advisers to help our students navigate their College journey.  


  • September 2018-May 2019


  • Cohort activities and curriculum:  $500-$1000 for the year
  • Host Homes:  $500 per year

Get Involved

We are in the experimental stages for the Emerge College Cohort as we test the waters to determine interest and build momentum.  There are three ways to get involved listed below.  Follow the links below to let us know you would like to see this program developed and how you would like to participate.


Student Participants

Let us know if you will be a college age young adult during the 2017-2018 school year and are interested in participating in the Emerge College Cohort.  You will be given the opportunity to let us know if you are:

  • Looking for housing in a host home
  • Attending college in the Portland Area
  • Simply want to participate in the cohort

[Click Here] to show your interest

Partner Churches

Partner churches are a key part of the Emerge College Cohort.  They benefit by having young adults contribute to their life and ministry while blessing a young adult in return.  If you are part of a Covenant Church in the Portland area and would like to talk about participating please email Erik Cave at the link below.

[Click Here] to show your interest



Host Homes

Being a Host Home for the Emerge College Cohort is a unique opportunity to make a big impact on a young adult's life.  For more information on what goes into being a host home click on the link below.

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About Emerge

The Emerge College Cohort is an Extension of the Emerge program piloted in the Pacific Southwest Conference in 2016.  More details on this can be found at http://www.emergeprograms.com/.