COVID-19 Era Resources

Reopening Resources:

This is a helpful list of resources, ideas and topics to think about when considering returning to meeting in person.  [Click Here] for more.

CARES Act Resources:

Webinar and other resources designed to help churches take advantage of opportunities around the CARE Act and managing cash flow.  [Click Here] for more.

Livestreaming Resources:

We have gathered a list of guides for getting your church services online. These include a spectrum of ideas from beginner to advanced. [Click Here] for more.

General Resources:

A helpful list of general resources that you will find helpful amid the COVID-19 quarantine. These include curriculum and thought provoking articles from a variety of sources. [Click Here] for more.

ECC Resource Page

This page was created for ministers by the Evangelical Covenant Church. It includes helpful reminders, key resource links, a shared resource document, worship ideas and more. [Click Here] for more.