2017 Finances Report

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Financial Report

Covenant Trust

Covenant Trust Company is your financial resource.

Knowing where to turn and who to contact is essential for what you’re called to do. Having your own financial
life in order equips you to speak authentically on topics of finance and stewardship.

Tim Hedberg is Covenant Trust’s financial representative for the Pacific Northwest Conference, and he can help
you with the following:
• Investment planning.
• Social Security claiming
• IRAs and retirement
• Estate planning documents.
• Pastoral tax questions.
• Housing allowance.
• Reporting rules.

Hedberg is also available to conduct financial education seminars for your congregation, including information geared for women, seniors and young investors. Topics include creative ways to give to the church, legacy plannng and Biblical financial principles. If you would like more information you can contact him at 425-394-5090, or
thedberg@covenanttrust.com. His mailing address is 21291 Sunrise Place, Mount Vernon, WA 98273.