2017 Annual Meeting

PacNWC Vision:

A mosaic of churches working interdependently together to transform lives and communities.

PacNWC Mission Priorities:

Start New Churches  |  Strengthen Churches  |  Support Pastors.

2017 Annual Meeting Resources

2017 Annual Meeting Resource Sheet

[Click Here] to download the Resource Sheet that was distributed at the end of the 2017 Annual Meeting.  This contains helpful resources for churches ranging from onling giving, BLESS, #givingtuesday, and much more.

127th Annual Meeting Hot Sheet

[Click Here] to download the 127th Annual Meeting Hot Sheet.  This brief summary includes highlights from Ministerial Association and Business Meeting.

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2017 Annual Meeting Information

2017 Annual Meeting Agenda

[Click Here] to go t0 an online version of the 2017 Annual Meeting Agenda that includes links to media, organizations, churches and people in the report.

2017 Annual Meeting Delegate’s Notebook

[Click Here] to view and download the information in the Delegate Packet.  This page is password protected.  Delegates may check their email for the password.

2017 Annual Meeting Event Details

[Click Here] to go t0 the 2017 Annual Meeting event page for the schedule, speaker information, workshop information and to register.

2017 Annual Meeting Report

All online reports are in both Spanish and English.