2016 – Annual Report – Covenant Trust

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“Thank you for all your faithful partnership and for those of you who answered the call to increase giving by 1/2 percent. If you were not able to last year, please consider this going forward.”

– Rev. Greg Yee, PacNWC superintendent







Covenant Trust Company



As a faith-based financial services company, Covenant Trust Company (CTC) has been serving clients for over 25 years and is uniquely suited to understand your goals. Our mission is to provide outstanding money management and trustee services to individuals and organizations.

We understand the responsibility of being a wise steward, for yourself, your family and your community. As your investment manager, we would strive to be the best steward possible of the resources entrusted to us so that your mission, however you define it, can be accomplished. Through disciplined, prudent, honest money management, we empower you to be as generous as you would want to be.

When people hear about CTC, they sometimes ask, “Why you? Why should we consider using CTC?” And we would tell you truthfully that our business is fundamentally different from other financial institutions. CTC has rock-solid performance results and provides great service for our clients. Our internal investment processes have the highest level of integrity. Oversight and accountability are exceptional. Transparency is the norm. You should expect that. We also look for alignment in values with those we serve. We look to serve God’s kingdom in the work we are doing for you.

Some individuals serve as God’s hands and feet in the world through their work as pastors, teachers, medical professionals, or other particular calling. The CTC team lives out our calling through honest investment services. We are ready and able to serve you as trustee or investment manager, for your trust, investment account or IRA.

In the Pacific Northwest Conference, Bill Hickman has been privileged to represent CTC and serve many in this conference. He is grateful for the opportunity to get to know you as pastors, church leaders and congregations over the last several years. As Bill phases out his service here, Tim Hedberg will be starting his new role among you. After sixteen years as pastor in the PNC, he will continue the good work of Bill Hickman as Financial Services Representative for CTC. Tim has been drawn to this new work out of a desire to come alongside congregations and individuals as they consider the lasting impact that financial assets can have in families, churches and communities. It is Tim’s desire to be a resource to help people connect their values with lasting Kingdom impact and he looks forward to serving you.

Tim can be reached at: 425.394.5090 or at tdhedberg@covenanttrust.com



Como una empresa financiera basada en la fe, Covenant Trust Company ha estado sirviendo clientes por más de 25 años, y exclusivamente equipado para comprender sus metas. Nuestra mision es proveer servicios excepcionales del manejo del dinero y aconsejarle.

Nosotros entendemos la responsabilidad de ser un mayordomo sabio para sí mismo, su familia, y su comunidad. Como su director de inversiones, nos esforzaríamos de ser el mejor mayordomo posible de los recursos confiados a nosotros para que su misión, como sea que usted la define, pueda cumplirse. Por medio de la disciplina, prudencia, y el manejo honesto del dinero, nosotros lo capacitamos a ser tan generoso como usted guste.

En el PacNWC, Bill Hickman ha tenido el privilegio de representar CTC y servir a muchos en esta conferencia. El está agradecido por la oportunidad de haberlos podido conocer como pastores, líderes de iglesias, y congregaciones durante los años pasados.

Mientras Bill hace la transición de dejar su posicion, Tim Hedberg, después de 16 años de pastorear Community Covenant Church en Clear Lake, Wash., ha empezado su nueva posición como representante de los servicios financieros de CTC.

Tim ha aceptado la posición por su deseo de ir al lado de las congregaciones e individuales mientras consideran los impactos que los activos financieros pueden tener en sus familias, iglesias, y comunidades.

El espera servirles. Pueden contactar a Tim a 425- 394-5090, o a tdhedberg@covenanttrust.com.

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